Our History

Jim Foley founded Leadership Elevation after a four-decade business career in senior leadership roles. He has a history of vast, multi-industry experience. He’s worked in manufacturing, high-tech, retail, distribution, logistics and construction.

Jim found through his experience that great companies always demonstrate consistent characteristics. These traits are in culture, philosophies, market strategies and, above all, financial results.

He also noticed that many companies never reached their full potential. In almost every case the difference — the quality of leadership.

Since 2013, Jim has dedicated his efforts to supporting company leaders and upcoming managers and supervisors. He helps them raise their skill set, align their personal and professional goals, and make their businesses highly successful.

Pick Up the Keys to Success

The keys to exceptional performance? Create a motivated and committed high-performing company culture and apply it to a world-class management operating system.

Jim’s history includes finding formulas that always work for the administrative, financial, operational and technical sides of the business. But he also develops additional philosophies, strategies and behaviors that must be present within the Senior Sales and Leadership teams. Following these tenets assures continually increasing revenue along with strong, consistent year-over-year sales growth and world-class customer care.


That belief is why Leadership Elevation offers two courses:
  • Leadership Elevation that drives Operational Exceptionalism
  • Leadership Elevation that drives Revenue Expansion through a High Growth Company Culture

Our end goal? Develop and evolve good managers and supervisors into exceptional self-performing leaders. These leaders will possess the skills to uniquely drive the mission within both their areas of responsibility and the organization in general. The result is outstanding, atypical results.

“I commit personally, to each of my clients, that if we follow the process, together we will meet their growth and financial expectations. The creation of an engaged High-Performance Company Culture that executes operational effectiveness, new business growth and total customer satisfaction is not a pipe dream. It’s a rock-solid reality that can be economically achieved if there is a commitment to do so.”

— Jim Foley, Leadership Elevation Founder

Jim Foley’s corporate entity founded in 2013 is called YourBoard, LLC. Over time, Jim created more than 50 podcasts pertaining to specific business topics and challenges. Some of the business topics contained in the YourBoard Library of Businesscasts have also been made available in different Segments of the Leadership Elevation website.

Jim has also made available to you below several other generic business topics for your review.

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Staying Ahead of the Pack

Jim also authored “Staying Ahead of the Pack” — a guide to help young professionals in their initial positions develop their leadership skills. With this guide, people can learn important principles and skills to help achieve a positive career path toward senior levels of leadership.

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