Delivering Leadership Elevation Through Teleconferencing

Leadership Elevation President Jim Foley has traveled all over North America the last seven years. During this time he has been teaching the Leadership Elevation and High Growth Company Culture education programs. Now, cost-effective teleconferencing creates extremely flexible opportunities to attend live, interactive, online sessions.

We deliver all classes to achieve the same results as in-person education. Your education is enhanced with handouts, project assignments, Q&A sessions and assessments. The goal of these programs is to create permanent, effective change. We do not believe in the seagull approach of flying in, dumping information and then flying away.

These leadership philosophies and strategies are designed to be easily integrated into the core of your company culture. Your operational command and control system also benefit.

“Jim’s contribution to our organization has been immeasurable. The culture, the organization and communications structure and focus on managing variances and achieving agreed-upon results has really made a difference in both our culture and effectiveness. It has provided us with a strong platform for growth.”

– Andrew Wildner, Convergence Research

The Leadership Elevation Commitment

Jim Foley believes and commits that anyone who completes these courses will have a playbook and game plan for effectively implementing strategies. Completing the course will also enable you to lead in areas of responsibility within your business. Participants will also be ready and excited to take on larger leadership roles over time.

Each class has six live, online 90-minute sessions over a six-week period. Participants can ask questions during the classes and then at the end. Jim is also available to have private conversations offline. All classes begin at 11 a.m. EST.

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With support from senior executives, the new communication loops and leadership strategies learned in these courses will produce dramatic results very quickly.

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