Leadership Elevation that Drives
Operational Exceptionalism

This leadership course is designed for current and upcoming leaders, managers and supervisors. It covers all segments of the business, including:

  • Manufacturing
  • Operations
  • Product development
  • Engineering and design
  • Finance and accounting
  • Marketing
  • Product management
  • General administration
  • Human resources
  • Logistics and all other non-sales departments

There is no charge for the senior corporate leader to audit this course if a member of their organization is participating.

There are many additional aspects to building a sales, customer service, support and satisfaction organization. We recommend all supervisory and management tiers take this additional course on Leadership Elevation that Drives Revenue Expansion through a High-Growth Company Culture.

This Leadership Education is taken over a six-week period: one 90-minute live, online and interactive session per week. The course includes handouts, required assignments and a final test.

Each live session allows opportunities for Q&A interaction. Questions unique to your company can be handled one-on-one later in a private teleconference. Confidentiality is maintained for all participants.

Our educational process teaches real-world philosophies, strategies and behaviors. These qualities, characteristics and practices are consistently seen in Great Leaders. Great leaders are successful at creating a High Performing Company Culture. They then apply that culture to a World-Class Management Operating System.

This program is not a keynote speech, seminar or even training. It’s an educational experience that will permanently transform individuals and their entire organization.

The Drive to Leadership Excellence Starts Here

Our Curriculum

Class 1

Segment I

Introduction: The Self-Performing Leader

Segment II


Segment III

The High Performing Company Culture
      • Part 1 – Culture – communications
      • Part 2 – Culture – human respect
      • Part 3 – Creating the high performance “recognition-based” company culture
      • Part 4 – Caring and Trust

Class 2

Segment IV

The Execution of Operational Excellence
      • Part 1 – Establishing the company’s core beliefs, purpose and mission
      • Part 2 – Creating the strategic vison and profit model and then converting it to a strategic plan

Class 3

      • Part 3 – Clearly communicating everyone’s role and result expectations within the strategic plan

Class 4

      • Part 4 – Setting the standard of performance in the hiring, nurturing and management of people
      • Part 5 – Pulling it all together by building a highly effective management operating system                                                     

Class 5

      • Part 6 – Breaking out of old paradigms and routines with the courage to drive change
      • Part 7 – Driving organizational accountability by managing by the number to the annual operational budget and financial plans

Class 6

Segment V

Human Tithing: The Art of Creating and Prioritizing Leadership Time


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General Leadership Elevation that Drives Operational Exceptionalism

January–February 2021


  • Tuesday, Jan. 12 11 a.m. EST
  • Tuesday, Jan. 19 11 a.m. EST
  • Tuesday, Jan. 26 11 a.m. EST
  • Tuesday, Feb. 2 11 a.m. EST
  • Tuesday, Feb. 9 11 a.m. EST
  • Tuesday, Feb. 16 11 a.m. EST

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Andrea@Leadership-Elevation.com for the planned spring schedule.