Self-Performing Leadership The Essence of Leadership Elevation

Leadership is best described as, “A leader who possesses the skill to create a strategic vision and the ability to assemble and inspire people to follow, improve upon and implement that vision.”

But what does highly visible self-performing leadership look like? This type of leader:

  • Personally performs rather than delegates their leadership responsibilities.
  • Proactively consolidates and clarifies conflicting, confusing philosophies and policies. They then create a clear and simple road map to achieve business goals.
  • Sets the expectations for the business and for each individual role within the organization.
  • Provides information, direction, motivation and inspiration. Colleges consider them the Chief Communications Officer.

What Qualities Do Your Associates Want in a Great Self-Performing leader?

  • Approachable and likable. Always genuinely respects and cares about their associates as individuals, not just employees.
  • Always asks for input on all topics that impact their job.
  • Provides feedback on all questions asked and suggestions made.
  • Sets clear expectations for the desired results and the supporting objectives and initiatives that are jointly agreed upon up-front.
  • Consistency. No surprises. No flavor-of-the-month approach.
  • Understands and offers support if there are performance shortfalls due to circumstances outside their control.
  • Respects everyone in all cases.
  • Appreciates dependability, reliability, hard work and going the extra mile.
  • Offers formal and informal recognition for the achievement of agreed-upon result expectations and milestones.
  • Provides compensation rewards and advancement opportunities for those who continuously meet and exceed their result expectations.
  • Support, mentors, educates and trains those who want to qualify for advancement and the opportunity to do so.

Most people want to understand their career path opportunities if they meet all their goals on an ongoing basis.

The Only Associates Who Can Define and Value the Quality of Their Leadership within Your Organization

Senior leadership team

Key managers and supervisors

Associates who make up your organization

Every leader, manager and supervisor must lead their associates down a path of operational effectiveness, personal fulfillment, business stability, and both company and personal financial return.

Associates want leaders to be effective communicators, starting with the company’s strategy and how they fit into the plan. Associates want to understand the expectations of their role, the security of their position, and the opportunity to be appreciated and recognized for performance. They also want to be considered for advancement.

During Leadership Elevation education, we will discuss the elements of the self-performing leadership style. This style will become a driving quality for each attendee’s leadership approach to the organization within their area of responsibility.

Self-performing leadership is where it all starts!

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