Leadership Elevation that Drives Revenue Expansion through a High-Growth Company Culture

This sales leadership course is designed for current and upcoming sales leaders, directors, regional, district and national account managers and customer care as well as service and support supervisors and managers within your sales organization. The course comprehensively addresses core structural and organizational topics and outlines critical steps to achieve ongoing sales and revenue expansion.

It is advantageous for the company’s senior leader to participate. Because the investment in the sales, marketing and customer service effort is so significant, it’s important to have both sales and company leadership on the same page.

There is no charge for the senior corporate leader to audit this course if a member of their sales team is participating.

There are critical sales leadership philosophies and strategies that come into play when applying the concept of “proactive” to new business development. Those best practices are why we developed and successfully present this Creating a High-Growth Culture program.

“As revenue growth goes, so goes the future sustainability of the company.”

Course Details

This course is taken over a six-week period with one 90-minute live, interactive, online session per week. The course includes handouts and required assignments. There is also a test at the end covering the entire course.


There are Q&A opportunities during and following each live presentation. We will answer questions unique to a person’s business situation in private, one-on-one teleconferences. We maintain confidentiality for every participant.

The Sales Leadership philosophies, processes, strategies and behavioral practices will change the way you think about and how you generate new business development. You’ll be equipped and emboldened to dramatically improve market penetration, geographic coverage and your win rate.

Utilizing the principles, disciplines, and organization structure and communications flow taught in this course can double your market penetration without adding any new people.

Leadership Elevation that Drives Revenue Expansion through a High-Growth Company Culture

Our Curriculum

Class 1

Segment I

Introduction: The creation of a high growth company culture within your organization

Segment II

What your Sales team must bring to their successful territory business unit

Segment III

Analyzing your sales force’s personal selling capacity

Class 2

Segment IV

The customer identification prioritization and classification process

Class 3

Segment V

Territory travel and sales visit planning

Segment VI

The concept of direct driven distribution


Class 4

Segment VII

Presentation messaging that promotes differentiated solutions that will secure a request for proposal

Segment VIII

The RED ZONE process

Segment IX

Steps in getting the 10-10-10 up and running — pulling it all together

Class 5

Segment X

Effective and cost-efficient management of national and global accounts

Segment XI

The three critical elements to successfully implement the 10-10-10 philosophy & sales process


Class 6

Segment XII

100% Customer Satisfaction: The most significant differentiator in your business creating superior and proactive customer care, inside sales, service and support that generates 100% customer satisfaction and assures both increased retention and positive references


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